Sunday, February 12, 2017

Weekly Reflection for Week of 2/10/17

This week we focused on getting a better understanding of the replication process, and how mutations can affect it. We worked on two worksheets, one about rock pocket mice, and another about Belgian Blue cattle. I feel like understand the impact of mutations, and the different types of mutations that can occur very well now. I have also gotten very good at translating DNA to mRNA, and then finding its corresponding amino acid, those mutation packets were loaded with segments we needed to translate.

This week we also began a project working with play dough, where we got to pick (or create) a gene, and then model its replication process, with and without a mutation. This hands on project is really helping me understand how this process happens. There are still different aspects of DNA replication that I am fuzzy about, but these projects and applications really help me understand it better.

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