Monday, March 20, 2017

Cancer Activity 3,2,1

Three Things I Learned From This Activity:
  1. I learned that a certain kind of cancer doesn’t just occur from a mutation in one chromosome, the mutations happen at random spots.
  2. The different mutations don’t effect any one kind of gene, like tumor suppressors, or oncogenes, there’s usually an even mix.
  3. The different mutations don’t effect any one kind gene function, like genome maintenance, genome survival, or genome function. This is random, but it may favor one more than another.
Two Things That Surprised, or Interested Me:
  1. Cancer is a lot more random than I had thought, I figured that one kind of cancer would share a majority of the same mutations, but that wasn't the case. Although there was some shared gene mutations, there weren’t an overwhelming amount to draw conclusions from.  
  2. A lot of the mutations took place on chromosomes, 12, 17, and 14. This makes sense because there are a lot of genes on those chromosomes, but there are also a lot of genes on chromosomes 3 and 4, yet hardly any mutations were found on those chromosomes, so I wonder why that is.
One Question I Still Have:

  1. How many mutations does it take for cancer to appear, does it vary depending on the cancer, or the person?

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